We believe that each case is different and that the specific details, circumstances, and goals of your case are not the same as someone else’s. We take the time to listen and determine your individual objectives while we help you understand the probability and reasonableness of those objectives. We will work together to develop the most efficient and effective path to achieve the best possible result under your circumstances.

At our firm, you have a choice...

Full-Service Representation:
Of course, we offer full representation in your family law matter.  This is the traditional attorney-client representation where the attorney takes responsibility for moving the entire case forward, from initial filing to the entry of a judgment, and handles all issues and aspects of the case.

Limited-Scope Representation:
This is also known as an “unbundling” of legal services or “discrete task representation”. With limited-scope representation, the attorney handles some parts of the case, and the client handles others.  The client and attorney agree in advance which issues will be handled by whom.

By choosing this type of legal representation, you keep greater control of your case, while we provide legal consulting services and document preparation. You will represent yourself in your case, but we will be “behind the scenes” providing legal advice, guidance, and support.  The greatest benefit to you is that you will likely save a substantial amount on legal fees, as we offer this service at a discounted hourly rate.  Our goal with providing such services is to help people obtain affordable, yet quality legal services in their family law matters when their financial circumstances are already at issue.

“When you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer to handle your case,
limited-scope representation can be a great way for you to have legal help with your
case while keeping your costs down.  Courts approve of limited-scope representation
because they want to encourage people to get as much legal assistance as they need to protect their rights. 
They know that you will do a better job of following proper court procedures and presenting
the important information to them if you have the help of a lawyer
during the more complicated parts of a case.”
- California Courts

And, if at any time, your case becomes so complex that it needs more professional management then you can always switch to the traditional full representation.

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